Gerard Delafose & Zydeco Gators play at 130 Jackson

Gerard Delafose & Zydeco Gators play at 130 Jackson

One of the great things about living in a college town is you typically get access to a decent music scene, and Blacksburg is no exception. It has a pretty storied musical past, and my good friend Dennis has a wonderful blog about some of the history of the town including its music scene around the 70s. Tonight I got to experience a wonderful Zydeco band in a great venue I hadn’t been to before.

Gerard Delafose & Zydeco Gators played at 130 Jackson, a space that seems great for small concerts. The space is apparently leased by a local church organization that then rents the space back out to the community. From their website,

130 Jackson is meant to be a place to benefit all of Blacksburg. It is a multi-functional building designed for all kinds of events: business meetings, concerts, art shows, banquets, receptions, parties and just about anything else.

This was my first time attending an event here, and I must say I was impressed. It has nice high ceilings, flexible seating and tables, and a nice sound system with full soundboard and adjustable lighting for the stage area. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for anything else that might be popping up here. I lucked out tonight, just seeing the Facebook event posted about 30 minutes before the music started. That’s one of the struggles is just trying to keep up with all the goings-ons around town. Glad I managed to catch this one tonight! Laisse le bon ton rouler!

Gerard Delafose & Zydeco Gators Gerard Delafose & Zydeco Gators