Neal Feierabend here. I moved to the New River Valley in Virginia in the fall of 2013 for a job at Virginia Tech Transportation Institute doing IT work. While I grew up in Bristol (the Tennessee side, not the Virginia side), my life has taken me across this great country, from Mississippi to Wyoming to Arizona and now back to the wonderful Appalachian Mountains.

When I moved from Yuma, AZ to Christiansburg in September of 2013, I had brewed exactly one batch of beer, but I decided I wanted to jump in with both feet. So I designed a nice little electric brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) system and went for it. I like just about every style out there, but I’m a little partial to the west-coast style IPA.

After living a year in Christiansburg, I wanted to be closer to work and friends so I found a cute little house to buy in downtown Blacksburg and moved into it in September of 2014. Now I’m living the good life and just want to share some of my experiences.

Neal Feierabend

Dupont Circle in Washington DC, 2014